Writing for Social Media

Social media sparks conversation, elevates topics, creates relationship and spreads the gospel for the EFCA. However, we want to convey the right message, have productive conversations, develop healthy relationship and glorify God in the process. Because of that, the team that manages EFCA social channels is mindful about what’s posted from official accounts.

Goals for social media

  • Inform
  • Inspire
  • Listen
  • Develop relationships
  • Avoid self-promotion
  • Consistency
  • Spread the gospel

Strategy by platform

Clear and concise. With character limits in mind, social posts should be short and grab a reader’s attention.

  • Twitter: Spark conversation, edgier topics, events, current events, EFCA blogs, 280 characters or less.
  • Facebook: Curated content, EFCA orthodoxy, Bible verses, Photo albums and videos, blog links, three short sentences or less.
  • Instagram: Storytelling, event photos, quotes, leader profiles, two sentences or less for everything beyond #EFreePeople.
  • LinkedIn: Recruiting content, news releases, job openings.

Always ask a prompting question or include an interesting quote/headline.

Avoid exclamation points and use hashtags sparingly.

Don’t ask for retweets, likes or favorites, but link profiles and usernames to posts.

Be aware of current events. Don’t post unrelated, or distracting brand posts, during crises.

Try not to include special characters or numbers.

We want others to know the EFCA is…

  • Multiplying churches.
  • Seeking the transformation of cities and regions.
  • Reaching all people.
  • Releasing and sending Christians into domestic and international missions work.
  • Committing to the next generation.

Multiplying transformational churches among all people.