Writing Goals and Principles

With every piece of content we publish, we aim to:

  • Inspire. We serve the God of the universe and we want readers to feel encouraged in the truth of the gospel. Use language that encourages them to make the most of life in light of our hope found in Jesus Christ.
  • Develop. As experts, educate readers on topics they need to know and give them an opportunity to learn more. Help others gain understanding on their faith journey and an ability to communicate that understanding to others. Knowledge is free, and you have expertise to communicate.
  • Empower. Give readers the best practices and resources needed to become disciplemakers. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” Give readers what they need to enter His harvest field.
  • Serve. Bride over brand. We champion and serve the Bride of Christ over any organizational brand, including our own. Be helpful and friendly while providing expertise and information with an open hand.
  • Embrace diversity. The Church is beautifully diverse. Keep in mind translation requirements and cultural sensitivities when writing content. We recognize it takes all kinds of people to launch all kinds of ministries and multiply all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of individuals.
  • Speak truth. Understand the EFCA’s  place in users’ lives. Ethical and truthful storytelling is more important than page views or cultural relevance. The Word of God informs everything. Focus on the gospel.

In order to achieve those goals, we make sure our content is:

  • Clear. Make content easy to understand. Write with brevity and understand the topic about which you’re writing. If you don’t fully understand the content, neither will the reader.
  • Useful. Only include what’s important to readers. Before you start writing, ask yourself: What purpose does this serve? Who is going to read it? What do they need to know?
  • Earnest. Write like you care. Don’t be cold and distant. Whether it’s an error page or credentialing documents, make sure the content is handled with respect. Readers are drawn to passion, even if the writing breaks a few rules.
  • Honest. We are a denomination built on asking, “where stands it written?” Communicate the facts.

Multiplying transformational churches among all people.